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Richard Thomas (known as John Boy in The Waltons) heads the cast in Cloud 9's adaptation of the timeless classic by Johann Wyss. The Series chronicles the adventures of David Robinson (Richard Thomas) and the Robinson family as they struggle to survive in the face of adversity after being ship wrecked on a tropical desert island. Shot entirely on location in Fiji and New Zealand. There are pirates and a fully functioning tree house.

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The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson
The Complete DVD Box Set

Thrilling and exciting. Beautiful scene and music. Enjoy this great show for 13 hours.

Review from viewers

It keeps you on the edge of your seat in every episode and you can't wait to see the next one. The setting is gorgeous on Fidji and in New Zealand.
The stories are terriffic and keep you frozen in your seat!
The photography and the scenery were just fantastic . . . made you want to walk through the TV and join them.
Good serialized storyline. Excellent footage combining studio and locations. Good cast. The later episodes will keep you glued to the TV, and the earlier ones will set the mood for that.

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